Registering for Broadcast through AndroidManifest

Here is a small tip that took me a while to figure out but hopefully will save someone time and frustration. I have a BroadcastReceiver in my application that listens for network connectivity changes so the app. can resume background work on network availability.

If you register for receiver in AndroidManifest.xml then you need to write the actual constant value inside the <intent-filter> tag:

       <action android:name=""/>

The value is for the intent constant ConnectivityManager.CONNECTIVITY_ACTION. There are no warning or exceptions if you put this constant variable straight away in AndroidManifest.xml but the receiver won’t catch the network change events so a little hard to debug.

Note that if you register for a broadcast receiver from within code then just referring to the constant will work fine.


One thought on “Registering for Broadcast through AndroidManifest

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